Road Read – Updates on Timing of the Van Delivery


Van status – Ordered a Transit Van on February 16th of 2016. And she’s a beaut, Clark.  A real Family Truckster. More specs on the future home in a bit but for now, more on the status.

So, as mentioned, I ordered on the 16th. This was after significant investigation, not only into which van to buy but also which dealership to get it from. I visited several dealers and talked to quite a few sales guys and drove several of each. A couple of Dodge Promaster 2500s, 2 different Mercedes Sprinters and 3 different Ford Transits.

I’ll spend some time on what I liked and disliked about each as well.

So when I chose to get the van from the dealer I did, I chose them primarily because it was close to my house and since I was using a benefit from my company called the (insert sinister laugh here) X-PLAN the pricing was basically the same anywhere I went. These guys seemed slightly interested and willing to look at the configuration that I thought would provide me with a good starting point for a serious house on wheels.

I laid down my check for 500 bucks on the 16th and was told to expect the van to be built around the 18th of April. So you probably already picked up on the being built on 4/18. Not delivered. Yeah…. Well sometimes I hear what I want to hear. On 3/16, I called Ford customer service and provided them with a VIN that I had been supplied when my order was accepted by the factory.  You can look at the progress  of your build on a couple of websites online but they can be flakey and I really couldn’t find any updates on mine. A super nice lady let me know that while production was expected to occur around 4/18, delivery was scheduled for the end of May!

While this gives me some extra time to plan, I would rather be doing. With the job uncertainty that is going on, this may prove to be problematic timing as well. Regardless of the timing, I am going to continue to wait it out. If I get laid off, I may be spending a lot more time focusing on selling my house and the majority of my tools and furnishings.

Interesting times ahead for me.