006 Spoken Compass – Shame on me 5-30-16

Shame on me for not getting a podcast up sooner. Lots of updates to talk about in this one. The van is in! But that was the easy part. Now, the planning and purchasing are really getting underway.

In this episode I talk about roof real estate,check engine lights, and some really great people.

Updates on the UPR Catch Can , solar configurations, and my inability to choose the correct radio.

It takes a lot of lizards to make this much Lizardskin. I appreciate their sacrifice.

Roof real estate is at a premium. Trying to avoid any unnecessary holes in the roof is also a bonus. Graph paper and some layout drawings are the best bet for figuring out how much room I am going to have on the Thule bars.

005 Spoken Compass – Beer with Chris K at Bakfish 5-30-16

I get to sit down with one of my oldest friends at Bakfish Brewery and have a good conversation over a few pints of great beer. Chris fills us in on Pearland, Killen’s BBQ, his current studies in Maritime Administration and brings us up to speed on the World of Tiki and Tuna fishing.

What started out as a relatively quiet setting as we were getting ready to record quickly grew louder. Some background noise but not too bad. Lesson learned.

Bakfish Circle Hook IPA Bakfish Goat Roper Porter Bakfish HOO

Bakfish was a great brewery with some excellent beers and nice atmosphere. The AC didn’t hurt either on this Sunday afternoon. You can find more about them on Facebook and here – http://www.bakfishbrewing.com/

And don’t forget Robbie’s in Islamorada for all your fishing needs.

Thanks for listening in and thanks to Chris K. for sitting in front of the mics with me for a bit.


Keep the Course.