008 Spoken Compass – At Baa Baa Brewhouse 6-11-16

Mike and I headed out to beautiful Brookshire, Texas which is about 30 miles West of Houston. It happens to be the location of one of my new favorite breweries, Baa Baa Brewhouse at 539 FM 359.


A growler full of Father Goose IPA. Mine!

We got there around 4 and spent the rest of the day with some good beers and good company. We also set up the mics and talked about some ideas around the flooring of the van and the difference between radiant and conductive heat and some of the issue when trying to insulate.
I have spent a lot of time investigating different ways that travelers have insulated their rides and so far a sizable chunk of my expenditure has been on insulation such as the Lizard Skin and a big roll of Thinsulate. I personally think that the investment here will have the biggest payoffs in the long run in both hot and cool (I plan on staying away from cold) environments.

There were 5 different beers on tap and Mike and I got to sit down and talk with the co-owner and brewer, Marcus W. It was a great discussion and definitely made me appreciate having the opportunity to have an additional mic. Lots of different topics were covered from Punk bands to grilled lettuce. Marcus talked about a few of his beers and brought us up to speed on the brewery and some of his goals.

20160611_192400            20160611_163359           20160611_163326

.              Marcus W.                                             Johnny R.                                              Michael W.

We will certainly be doing more podcasts from this brewhouse. Many thanks to Michael and Marcus and the other patrons of Baa Baa Brewhouse for a great afternoon.

Check out the podcast and let me know your thoughts. I can be reached through the contact page.

Many thanks for listening and keep the course.


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  1. My name is Ted wunderle. ( Marc’s dad) I built the table you are sitting at. I did a lot of work at both breweries for Marc. I enjoyed your pod cast very much. Marc has been brewing beer for a long time. He has a great background in science and chemistry. He brews great beer. I wish I could be there more often. Musically he is a fantastic drummer. One on my musical highlights was when Marc sat in at a show with my classic rock band. It was awesome to do a show with him behind the drums. It’s like every father’s dream to make music with their son

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