Road Read – Van Floor Leveling Slats are Complete!

A lot of work got done over the weekend. Actually it was a 3 day weekend for me since I had Friday off. I showed up early over at my pop’s house. We spent about 8 hours getting most of the slats cut for the floor of the van. On Sunday we finished the job with another 8 hours each of effort. 32 Man Hours just to get the slats in. Everything takes longer than you would think.

The template work was easier than I thought it was going to be but the planing was the brutal part. Each board had to be thinned down to match the high ribs in the van. All boards were beveled with 45 degree angles on the sided so that would provide the most support possible. Very productive. I am looking forward to getting the sub-floor templates started so the Lizardskin insulation can be done.

Floor Leveling Slats

A few more pics of the finished process can be seen over in the Spoken Compass Photo Gallery.

Very pleased to get some actual physical progress done. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the reads and keep the course.