009 Spoken Compass – Pre Lizardskin Install with Mike 6-28-16

A quick podcast as Mike and I enjoy a few beers and discuss the imminent install of the Lizardskin Insulation.

Common sense will tell you that preparation is the key. Making sure that everything is masked off and all the metal is prepped correctly is going to be key to a successful install.

Exhaustion will tell you that what you have done is close enough. Don’t listen to this guy. He is an ass and will lead you to a sorry fate.

I spent a lot of time on the masking. In fact, all told it was over 8 hours of just masking and a ridiculous amount of Blue Tape.

Masking 1 Masking 2 20160630_220245







I taped long into the night after this podcast was recorded and still didn’t get it all finished. I decided to take a rest and get some sleep. I got up early the next morning and was back at it long before the sun came up.

The good news is that I got it done and as of this writing the first 2 coats of sound insulation are complete. The down side is I still have two more coats of the heat insulation and a substantial amount of the Lizardskin Top Coat to apply in areas that will not be covered by flooring or siding.