010 Spoken Compass – Progress Update 7-20-16

All over the place on this one but there was a lot to cover.

I am going to do a longer episode on the trials and tribulations involved with the Lizardskin install. I have a lot of data and notes that I want to share with those that might be considering making the effort to get all those lizards into a project of their own.

Just me on this one. Enjoyed a Pedernales Brewery Texas Hop Bomb 2016 while I made it. It is an American Style IPA at about 7.5% ABV. Sweet but very enjoyable.

It is a Single Malt and Single Hop IPA which is why it is called a SMaSH IPA. Learn something ever damn day.

I go into some kind of diatribe about finding skilled specialist and then one on limiting the number of vendors in your build. Opinions only and worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary.

I also cover some of the plans that I am pulling together for the short term. Flooring, wall ribs, wall planks, electronics, batteries, AC install and lastly but not leastly, window tint. Like I said, all over the place.

I got mine done over at American Window Tint in Katy, Texas. The Beav did the work and I am pleased with the results. He used Suntek Window Film. The ceramic kind.

American Window Tint

Thanks for the listen. Lots more coming up soon including the big review of the Lizardskin as well as some floor layouts.

Keep the course.