012 Spoken Compass – Progress Update with Mike 11-19-16

Mike and I sat down and had a couple of caffeinated IPAs and talked about his big news and the latest happening on the escape van.

Significant progress has been made in a couple of areas. Some ribs have been installed on the wall along with some sections where the overhead shelves will probably be attached.  This was done using a whole lot of Rivnuts. Basically it is a rivet with threads. Drill a hole in the van wall, place the rivet in the hole and secure it in place  with a special Rivnut tool. Put a hole in the board and secure it with a bolt.

This is where the walls are at this point. Overhead has some ribbing attached as well.

This is where the walls are at this point. Overhead has some ribbing attached as well.

The Roof Vent was installed. More photos on the process are located in the gallery.

Nerve-racking to cut a hole in the vehicle but it had to be done. Measure 45 times. Cut once. Then cuss. Then trim. Then use a file to make it fit.

Also located in the gallery are the pics of the bed build. I would normally post a pic of the bed next. But instead, you get a pic of my Pops. This guy is amazing and words just don’t convey how lucky I am to have this guy on the other end of every board that it took to build this. There were no plans. Just a couple of pictures that I found on the internet. His enthusiasm was key. There were a couple of times, I wanted to throw in the towel and figure something else out to sleep on. Seriously, this was a complex project and I couldn’t have done it without him. Cliché but very true.  He is just so damn smart. Pops, if you ever read this, I sure do love you.

Now a pic of the bed. 31 inches closed. 48 open. 80 inches long. A bit more to be done in order to consider it complete. Ends needs to be cut and attached. T-molding will need to be installed and the whole thing will need a coat of stain. It will be secured to the floor with corner brackets. Lots of storage here and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Best guess is 48 man hours and 200 in lumber. Also notice the wheel well covers have been created. Insulation will be placed inside those boxes and sealed up.

Next, I will start on the layout of the galley. I need to get this done in order to figure out some locations for the batteries, inverter, fridge, sink, water storage, power distribution panels and propane. You know. Minor crap.

Finally, thanks to Michael Walker. The podcasts are infinitely easier with him involved.

More coming soon.

Keep the course,