013 Spoken Compass – Galley Design and Perseverance 12-6-16

Just a quick update on the latest progress as of 12/6/16.

With the bed coming to conclusion, the galley has come up in priority. I am calling it the galley because this is where the cooking will take place as well as the location of the sink and the fridge.


But it will be more than just that. Oh yes, my fine travelers. Lots of electronics like the invertor, AC and DC distribution panels and all of the power monitoring displays will be located here. Some storage along with water and a grey tank will be located here.


I am in the process of determining how the propane tank will be located as well. Do I place it inside the cabinet near the rear doors and wrestle with it every time I need to change it? Or do I shorten the galley a bit and have the propane tank located outside of the cabinet near the rear doors?


Appearance and construction of the galley is also being determined. What kind of hinges? Surface mount versus flush mount doors? Drawers or baskets placed in recesses? Latches or magnets to keep the doors secured during travel? Height and depth of the structure is still being determined as well. I expect the top to be over 38 inches. Maybe even taller.


I have already spent a rainy weekend working in the garage on the basic structure. I am still concerned that the front of the galley is too close to the bed when the bed is extended.

I am planning on spending some time deciding another day of checking clearances and heading to find door hardware. Some decisions need to be made in order to get the dimensions locked down.


Lots to figure out with this. And I still need to get the solar panel wiring run in through the roof. Just picking the best location for the Cable Entry Plate to be mounted is a tedious process. It needs to be placed on the flattest area available yet still be in a location where the wires can be easily run and services if necessary. I was also thinking that I would place it slightly off center to partially hide it under the panels. This would give it an extra layer of protection from rain and evil UV rays.



Perseverance is going to be the key here. I am a bit frustrated that my effort on the galley may need to be scratched and redone. However, I also realize how important this is. If I can get a working footprint or skeletal frame for the galley, I can move a lot of other things forward. The electrical can be started, the rack for the fridge and water containers can be built and the power control modules can be put in a temporary frame and I can begin to wire them together.

Just got to keep the course.