014 Spoken Compass – On the Road! 7-23-17

So after a year of planning, stressing and building, I quit my job, sold my house, finished the van and finally got on the road.

It has been an incredible adventure just getting to this point. I have really expanded my knowledge around woodworking, solar, AC and DC electronics.

The van is amazing. I am really pleased with how well it turned out. I couldn’t have done any of this without the guidance, knowledge and wisdom of my father, John Sr. I feel so incredibly blessed that this project has allowed me to spend more time with him. We clash and disagree sometimes but even those times are pretty fun. I have said it many times, I sincerely love my Old Man.

Love this guy. Thanks for all the hard work.

Now, it took a while to get the van finished. As usual, Longer than I thought. I figured it would take 2 weeks to get everything finished up and be ready to roll. It took 4 weeks and there are still a few things that I want to finish up and/or adjust when I get back to the workshop in Houston. The sink needs to be sorted out. The containers that I purchased have never fit under the drain attachment like I had intended. I would like a functional sink. I am doing OK without it now but I think it would be great to have clean cheap water readily available. The floors have been a bit of a disappointment as well. We put the floors in while it was over a 100 degrees. After moving the van north to Colorado, the cooler temps caused the floor to shrink a bit. I can see a few gaps between the planks. The furniture is keeping the planks from expanding and contracting uniformly. Not sure what to do about it yet and it isn’t a problem. Just one of those things that shows up after you leave.

I headed out on July 9th. It is now about 2 weeks later and I have already done so much.

Camping in a Walmart parking lot was interesting. Lots of travelers do this. Unfortunately, many abuse this and make a complete ass out of themselves. This is why it is harder to find Walmarts that will allow this. Point in hand, Manitou Springs does not allow camping.

Solar Panels getting a full dose!

I also went to Palo Duro Canyon which is located South of Amarillo. Amazingly beautiful and rich with Indian history. Also very hot and heavily populated with some vicious biting flies. Flies suck in general. Flies that are painful are a new level of frustration. 

I made it to Manitou Spring and found a nice place to park that isn’t too far from one of my closest friend’s place. For 2 weeks I have opened the door van in the morning to amazing mountains and a beautiful city that is very friendly. It doesn’t hurt that there is a tremendous amount of breweries all around town.


Doesn’t look too suspicious. Smaller than a motorhome but with most of the luxuries!

I parked on an small street that gets a bit of traffic. The nights are quiet and haven’t had any trouble from the locals. Out of respect for them, I keep quiet and make sure not to make any kind of a mess. The van doesn’t look too out of place and that is exactly what I was hoping to do. Blend in and park cheap.  I have met some great people, spent time with some people that really care about me and are very supportive and I have already seen so many amazing things that I never would have from behind a desk.

The elevation has taken a bit to get used to. After a few days, I felt much better and I can even drink a beer or three without a crushing hangover now.

Here is a pic from near Hartsel, Colorado. Hail storm was moving in.

Check out this episode for more of the Spoken Compass travels. More to come.

And check this guy out. Johnathon went through some tough tribulations and decided he need to focus on himself. He needed a goal. So why not just walk across America? This guy is an very kind soul and I was really blessed to have met him while we both did laundry.

Keep it up, friend.

I sincerely appreciate you checking out the page and it would mean a lot to me if you would send questions and comments to me through the contact page.

I don’t have as much access to the internet as I used to but I will try to keep the podcasts coming and more small articles as much as possible.

Quit waiting for a sign and go find your dream.

Johnny Roberts