About me

Born in ’67. Grew up in Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. Graduated from Houston Cougar High (UofH) with a B.S. in Social Sciences.
Taught middle school in Houston till I thought I was going to starve to death. Picked up odd jobs in the summer and found work running cable for businesses when I wasn’t backpacking in the West or Mexico. Ended up getting some IT certifications and changing careers. That technical path eventually morphed into risk management work for banks, hospitals and eventually the oil & gas industry.
I have a huge passion for festivals and gatherings of people. In particular, I love Renaissance  Festivals. I love the music, the vibe, the good drinks and being surrounded by 40,000 of my closest friends. TRF and Sherwood are my closest and obviously my favs. They continue to be just that even after visiting many others. Go to them. Life is short. Have fun. Be a pirate.  And tell them Eringzo sent ya. .
I love a good beer. Send me one.
Hoping to cross paths with you. Maybe meet you at a faire, a brewery or maybe even do a bit of work for ya if it keeps me on the road.
Lean back and dig ’em in. – Johnny
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